Welcome to my personal site and blog. I’m an Aerospace Engineer but these days spend my time working in Data Science and Software Engineering. I currently work in Quantitative Finance and Algorithmic Trading in Sydney, Australia.

I originally had the idea to start this blog when I first dove into the online resources that were available for training neural networks and I wasn’t particularly happy with how some of the concepts were explained. I felt like could do a better job explaining some of the concepts. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and tutoring at a university level, so hopefully you will find this blog an informative resource.

I enjoy writing about a number of areas including aerospace engineering and the aviation industry, financial markets and the crossover between quantitative trading and software engineering, machine learning, and data science as a whole.

The languages I use day-to-day are C++ and Python so the content here focuses primarily on those two.

You can find me in a number of communities online. Kaggle and GitHub are most relevant to this blog, with the GitHub account containing the code for all my blog posts. I also enjoy continually learning and solving challenges, so I regularly use and have a profile on HackerRank, DataCamp, and Codecademy.