If you’re looking for the live version of the ATIS feed it’s hosted at atis.apmarkham.com and a sample of how to extract this data is written in C++ at github.com/apmarkham/australian_airport_atis_example.

A few months ago I worked on a small weekend project to feed the current ATIS at Sydney Airport (YSSY) to both a website and a Twitter account. I wrote a post about that here, so if you aren’t sure what an ATIS is or are interested in the engine behind the original feed, have a read of that. The next step in this project was always to expand this out into a site that can fetch the ATIS for any airport that the user desires (that Airservices Australia provides info for) through a simple web interface.

I’m happy to have finished this and the final link is above at the atis subdomain of this site.

I used a similar backend engine for the YSSY ATIS site, except expanded this so that instead of making 1 request every 60 seconds for ATIS info, we now make 1 request every 120 seconds. Despite pulling ATIS information for multiple airports, it is still only one request, and the data returned is then split out for each airport, which helps keep the load down. As linked above, I wrote a simple example in C++ showing how this request is made.

The next step was to build a frontend for the engine to display the ATIS. I wrote some JS to handle the dropdown and autocomplete search bar functionality, and then just some basic HTML/CSS to give it a clean look.

There’s still a fair bit of room to expand this. Currently I’m only showing the ATIS for each airport, and while that is the most important thing, the request returns a full location briefing, including NOTAM’s and METAR information. So displaying all that info with the ATIS would be useful.